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Sterling Investment Partners
Focus: middle-market company buy-outs and capital for ownership transitions, growth and financial restructuring.
Astrina Capital
Focus: venture consulting and financial advisory for early-stage companies.
Alliance Global Investments Inc.
A private equity investment firm providing venture capital, investment banking, management consulting, and export development services.
Sonostar Ventures
Focus: invests in promising private companies across a number of industries and in the public debt and equity markets.
Khazaen Financial and Industrial Consulting
Focus: company start-ups; early stage funding.
Mergenet Solutions Inc.
Focus: specializing in venture capital, management services, shell funding, private placement.
Portfolio monitoring and management software for venture capitalists and entrepreneurs.
GSV, Inc.
Oil and Gas Exploration. Low risk, shallow prospects. Texas and Louisiana.
Dorset Capital
Private Equity for Consumer Growth Companies
Venture capital consult
Focus: venture capital consulting for start-up companies in Germany, UK and the US.
Fremont Ventures
Focus: help experienced management teams build businesses by providing relationships, strategic insight and ongoing financial support.
Idanta Partners Ltd.
Investment focus: young companies that have the potential to grow into substantial enterprises in the fields of information technology, health care and life sciences, retail and others
MBC Dotcom
Venture capital and business finance facilitator and advisory firm.
Novak Biddle Venture Partners
Investment focus: information technology companies in the very early stages through first round, but also later-stage opportunities and spin-outs where they can add significant value
Partech International
Investment focus: startups and emerging growth companies in the United States, Europe and Japan involving information technology, life sciences and business services
Freeman Spogli
Private equity investment firm dedicated to investing in growing companies.
Ovation Capital
Investment focus: includes Internet and mobile infrastructure, software, storage and data networking.
Compere Associates
Focus: principal investor combining management, strategy and financing in acquiring telecoms, media, utility and financial services businesses.
Hibiscus Investments
Investment focus: bringing leading edge technology to the marketplace.
PICA Corporation
Focus: provides venture capital and equity-related investments in enterprises and companies embarking on expansion.
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