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Manufactures memory and disk storage hardware and software products for enterprise data centers.
Specializing in research, development and manufacture of high-performance recording technologies for a number of data acquisition and storage applications.
CyberKey Corporation
Provides state-of-the-art storage solutions through compact, portable devices allowing fast, convenient, secure data transportation between computers, handheld PDAs and mobile telephones.
Minds at Work
Back up, store, archive or transfer any file on the 6GB Digital Wallet, the portable smart storage solution.
Ciprico - Create | Manage | Archive
Designs, manufactures, markets, and services RAID disk arrays for high-performance imaging and digital media applications worldwide.
Provides business and pre-press companies with scalable SAN and LAN products.
Instar Corporation
Provides high performance storage solutions. Focusing on MO, DVD, and CD-R optical technologies.
Ultrium LTO
Information about an open format tape technology jointly developed by IBM, HP and Seagate.
JNI Corporation
Develops and manufactures fiber channel hardware and software which connect servers and data storage devices to form storage area networks, or SANS. (Nasdaq: JNIC).
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Storage Networking Protocol Fundamentals (Vol 2)

Storage Networking Fundamentals: An Introduction to Storage Devices, Subsystems, Applications, Management, and File Systems (Vol 1)

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