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XTG Data Modeller
Visual CASE tool for data structure modelling, reverse engineering of the database, generation of SQL scripts, and HTML documentation of the model.
Hill Croft Information Technologies
Developers of ODBC drivers and other utilities for DataEase databases.
Lazy Software
Develops and distributes Sentences, the first database management system based on the Associative Model of Data.
Micro Data Base Systems, Inc.
Offers high-performance solutions for developers of complex information management applications and creator of TITANIUM, a multi-model database engine supporting relational SQL, ODMG object classes, and navigational APIs.
Cardett Associates
Advanced Query Tool is designed for database developers and DBAs with particular features for DB2, Oracle, Sybase, MS SQL Server.
Alpha Software
Produces database products for Windows and DOS operating systems.
Ocelot's Full SQL DBMS for Windows
Download the complete package (libraries, documentation, example programs) useable with Windows 95/98 or WindowsNT with ODBC 3 interface.
Database-related downloads.
Awaresoft Pty Ltd
Aware IM is an application platform that allows business people to create web database applications without the knowledge of programming and database design.
Spectral Core GmbH
Specializes in database applications including Full Convert and Sync Database. Based in Switzerland.
Dynamic Information Systems Corporation
DISC makes OMNIDEX, advanced indexing software to obtain data agility for data warehousing, OLTP and web applications.
Innovative Routines International
Vendor of CoSORT (Unix and Windows NT sort software), netCONVERT (cross-platform file and data translation), and x-PRESS (cross-platform data compression).
Zoot Software
A multiple database storage model and provides a browser-like interface. Features a number of built-in databases.
SWS Software Technologies
Software products based on the Data and Application Software Evolution technology (DASE) rule-based expert system, typically migrating data from file systems (such as VSAM) and non-relational DataBase Management ...
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